How to treat prostatitis with ULP-1:
It acts on the prostate gland simultaneously by micro-vibration and pulsed magnetic field. The combination of these two factors can eliminate the inflammatory process, improve the functional state of the pelvic floor muscles and the patency of the urinary tract. Using the device leads to a pronounced reaction in the form of increased circulation throughout the vascular reservoir.

Use of the device leads to a pronounced reaction in the form of increased circulation throughout the vascular reservoir.
Treatment: The applicator probe should be placed in a protective coating (condom), lubricated with sterile Vaseline and connected to the power supply. In the supine position on the back and bent knees, insert the probe into the rectum. To ensure maximum contact of the applicator with the prostate, the working part should be directed upwards.

• The course of treatment is 7-9 procedures, with the procedure being carried out once a day.
• The exposure time is 30 minutes.

Prostatitis is a very serous disease. The first symptoms do not cause much trouble and men usually postpone any treatment for later on, until the disease goes into a chronic stage. 

What is prostatitis?
The prostate (prostate gland) is in the pelvic area, under the bladder and over the upper part of the urethra - the urethra passes through the prostate gland. The main function of the prostate is to secrete prostate fluid, a component of semen. In addition, the prostate serves as a valve that closes the bladder during erection.

Prostatitis, also called prostatic inflammation, increases in the size of the prostate. Since the prostate is located around the urinary canal, the inflammation squeezes it and obstructs the passage of urine. The more inflammation of the prostate gland, the more urine remains in the bladder. When the abdominal muscles are strained, they press the bladder, which contains residual urine, and due to increased pressure through the ducts of the glands of the prostate gland gets into the prostate gland, causing inflammation - prostatitis. Typical manifestations of prostatitis - a feeling of discomfort, frequent and painful urination, urethral discharge.

Symptoms of prostatitis
In the tissues of the prostate there are no pain receptors, so the true cause of pain is the involvement of the neural pathways in the inflammatory process. That is why pain has no exact localisation and is able to change the intensity depending on the actions of the patient. Pain sensations in chronic prostatitis spread to the sacrum, scrotum and perineum, sometimes even to the lumbar region. One of the characteristic symptoms of chronic prostatitis is a minor discharge from the urethra during defecation. When prostatitis is exacerbated there is a slight increase in temperature with an increase in the listed pain sensations.

In most cases, chronic prostatitis destabilises sexual functions, which are expressed in painful ejaculation, loss of sexual desire, frequent nocturnal erections, and difficulty or, conversely, premature ejaculation.
Men’s sex problems are experienced painfully, further worsening the consequences of the disease.

ULP-1  returns comfort and confidence.
This device has a therapeutic effect on the prostate gland at once with three effects: heat, a pulsed magnetic field and a soft vibratory massage

11. ULP-1 is a massage device for erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis treatment.

                                                                              Effects of use:

Work With Chronic Prostatitis:


Pain relieves and restores urination.
- It reduces the amount of residual urine in the bladder and increases the time between the urge to urinate.
- Stops further swelling of the prostate gland.

Work For Erectile Dysfunction:

- Strengthens and increases the duration of potency.
- Relieves pain during ejaculation, helps again to reach orgasm.
- Returns psychological comfort and self-confidence.


- Eliminates the inflammatory process in the prostate gland, improves the functional state of the prostate.
- It improves blood circulation in the prostate gland and stimulates the immune system in the surrounding tissues. Increases the concentration of antibiotics in their application.
- Possesses trophic-regenerative action. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and sedative effects. Relieves pain, relieves discomfort.
- Stimulates the contractile abilities of the muscular elements of the prostate and pelvic floor muscles, restores their tone and promotes adequate evacuation of the secret.

- Relieves irritation symptoms of the lower urinary tract.

- Reduces the frequency of urge to urinate, increases the pressure of the stream of urine.
- It has an effect on prostate tissue and nerve structures of the prostatic plexus.

- Restores the function of the organs of the male genital sphere, enhances the potency.

The main reasons for choosing ULP-1:

- Significant improvement occurs after a few procedures.
- Not only relieves of prostatitis, but also improves sexual life.
- Manufactured from a material that does not cause discomfort during therapeutic procedures.
- Does not require special medical knowledge and skills.