Benefits of use:

Purification of Blood
Nerves Smoothness
Removal of Toxic Waste
Cell Activation
Circulation of Energy

7. Tourmanium Multi Functional Thermal Therapy Belt belt NM-90 and T-9 series

Ergonomically designed this Tourmanium Heating Thermal Therapy Belt T9 (new since 2017) protects and heals our internal organs at various parts of the body. Simply wrap around your waist anytime anywere.

Easy move and use due to the compact size T9 thermal therapy belt can be moved conveniently due to its more solid, simple and easy structure, it can be conveniently use without limitation on the body.

Partial heating Massage
This product is designed for the heating massage to the cold abdomen or waist, It is recommended to people who are feeling cold around the abdomen or carrying out the load to the waist.

NM-90 shown