4. Tourmanium mat NM-80 Series

NM-85 is a Medium Sized Tourmanium Heat Mat, popular family product. It can be used in various ways, NM-85 can be lied upon and also put on top of the body in bed. However it's size is ideal for the 2 seats sofa in the living room area for all family members to enjoy the warmth and the health benefits.

NM-80 Series are different from heat mats available by other manufacturers, using the patented nano ceramic of Nuga Best, it provides not only deep heat but other health benficals such as FIR and Anions.    

Tourmanium acts as the heat conducting element and also its shape provides acupressure sensations to the user.

Back pain is a widespread disorder, approximately every fourth person has occasionally pain in his back. The pain does not have to be especially serious and can be caused by everything from muscle infiltrations, teams in the lumbar spine to the discs. Doctors believe that we must live in normal pain and recommended some medication or pain relive creams, but Nuga Best is your alternative treatment for pain, without the use of medication and its side effects. 

As the other Nuga Best products are the tourmanium ceramic heat mattress an alternative option for relief your back pain. This is done through the tourmanium ceramic characteristic and its design, which along with the body's weight, giving a nice warm back massage.

These mattresses also help to keep your body's health in balance.

Use it on the floor, in bed or in your favorite couch against for example backache, pain in lower back, abdomen, chest, etc.

NM-80 is small enough to massage a specific part of your body, such as the abdominal area, chest region or lower back.

We recommend it to those who suffer from feeling cold or people with different allergies and other health problems. The influence of tourmaline ceramic affect the body positively and enhances our immune system.

NM-80 was made with the unique tourmaline ceramic which gives the deep infrared heat and negative ions. There is no vibration inside the pad, the massage therapy is soft and comfortable when it comes from these thermal heat rays and the specially designed tourmaline ceramic working with princips from finger pressure massage during use.