You can convenient use Low-frequency Cupping Patch on a desired area. The cupping patch effectively pain and myoatrophy through low-frequency stimulation is used anywhere on the body (shoulders, wrists, knees, calves, etc...) removes pain and ameliorate muscle tone. There are available in small and large sizes.

Give your feet (second heart) a rest!

Your feet are the miniature figure of your body organ. Stimulate your feet to stay healthy.

“Tourmanium is the mixture of tourmaline, germanium, elvan, and crystallized volcanic rocks!

This Foot Massage Mat stimulates the capillary vessels and peripheral nerves in your feet, the miniature heart”

The NM-55 Foot Massager "Second Heart"  incorporates acupressure massage principles onto the foot, helping to release pain and increase blood circulation. 

Low-frequency pads for gentle stimulation

The pad made with a conductive rubber material to apply low-frequency current to the body helps relieve muscle pain through low-frequency stimulation.

When your feet stand on these thermal tapped pads both an thermal and a reflexology function occurs.​

Low frequency handles.

It is made with a conductive rubber material to deliver low-frequency stimulations to the body and stimulate the hands and feet for muscle pain relief. 

Built-in Controller with an all-in-one display.
The built-in controller shows the output frequency and operation status so that users can check the functions and operation status with ease while using the device.

★ Features and Effects:

• Negative ions (Anions) are emitted in vast amounts improving blood circulation.
• Far Infrared Rays are also emitted, from the heat pad, removing toxins and waste and also increasing blood circulation.
• Effective for cold, fatigue, neuralgia, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, headache and other symptoms.
• Supports foot arch to prevent deformation of your feet.

• Great for knee pain.

• This product strengthens the nervous system. Through increasing the blood circulation it also assists in the regulation of the digestive system and blood sugar control (for diabetics) and more...

All of our customers call it "Second Heart" - This is a real helper to our heart! TRY IT NOW...

Heating unit comes into contact with the feet, for example, and provides a thermal function.
NDT ceramics charge anions and emit far-infrared rays.

                                                                           5.  E5 Stimulator for feet and legs

                                  E5 is a combinational tourmanium stimulator using a thermal and low-frequency features.

It stimulates feet, hands etc.. using thermal and low-frequency massage. The heating option stimulates muscle pain relief, and the low-frequency waves effectively improve myoatrophy.

As the drawing shows, the nerves in the foot are closely connected to the internal organs of the body. E5 activates all of these nerves and thus the associated organs and areas of the body.