6. Tourmanium Low Frequency Abdominal Massager E-3

The low-frequency stimulations can be applied virtually anywhere on you body. The including cupping-type low-frequency patch can be used on the desired part of the body including the shoulders, hands, knees, calves and ankles.

It was the first device with low frequency stimulating that have been used for decades in programs for the rehabilitation of astronauts spending a long time without movement, as their muscles got lost strength and tone while they were in the space. Currently, electro-stimulation is widely used in beauty salons, sports clubs, SPA-salons with an aesthetic purpose etc...

                                                                                               HOW IT WORKS?

Electro-stimulation is based on the use of pulsed DC currents in the form of periodically repeated shocks. The physiological features of our body correspond to currents with a frequency of 10-150 Hz.

It allows absolutely to any structury - skeletal muscles and smooth muscles of internal organs, stimulates the walls of large vessels, and opens reserve capillaries. As a result, it removes a pain and muscle tension, improves metabolism, circulation, lymph drainage and reducing the volume of fat cells.

The E3 stimulator has 20 typical programs for training different muscle groups. There are several modes and levels of intensity for people with different physical conditions. In this case, pulsed currents with physiological parameters are used, which makes it possible to achieve all the mentioned effects above.

The program includes various types of pulse currents, successively replacing each other, so there is no addictive effect. Training of muscles occurs in a sparing mode: first, the effect is weak; it gradually intensifies and again weakens.

After such intense exposure, there is no muscle pain, since lactic acid is actively excreted from the body. This feature is used by athletes in different countries like China, Russia etc.. to relieve muscle fatigue after exercise as well.

Weak electrical impulses of this stimulator are applied to electrodes that come into contact with the body. These impulses mimic the brain signals coming through the nerves to the muscles, and cause successive cycles of contraction-relaxation of the muscles.

After use this stimulator by the end of the first week you will notice that the muscles have grown way stronger. To achieve noticeable results, do not stop training and gradually increase the strength of the impact. For maintaining the best body shape, it is enough to use the belt 2-3 times a week.

The E3 stimulator will strengthen the abdominal muscles that support the internal organs and the spine in the correct position. Simultaneously, it stimulates the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and restores the contractile ability of the bile ducts.

                                                                                                                                                          ​Benefits of use:

-  Fries subcutaneous fat 

- Strengthens the muscles and increasing their tone and elasticity        

​- Tightens the skin and restores its elasticity

- Combats the cellulite           

​- Tones the abdomen and provides relief from pain spasms

​- Increases and improves the metabolism

- Improves the blood circulation and immune system         

​- Brakedown fat molecules with building up muscle fiber

- Maintaines balance in digestive system

- Increases production of white blood cells

​- Normalizes function of internal organs​

- Balances energy and weight​​​

The Miracle II or E-3 Belt is a tourmanium Low Frequency Abdominal Massager made with Nuga Best’s patented nanoceramic tourmanium and has Low Frequency Therapy and mainly provides relief from back and muscle pain as well as stimulating work of inner organs and muscles. All sportsmen love this!