Median: "...I love Nuga Best, because in 19 sessions I was able to heal my shoulder, as before I even stopped working as my doctor said Im going to lose my shoulder..."

Tedd: "...It removed my arthritis in majority of my joints. I am so happy that one of my parishioner recommended Nuga Best to me as I was suffering for about 10 years before..."

Rose:​ "...No more gastritis and colitis, i started to feel great relieve after several weeks of use tourmanium mat and massage bed. Nuga Best makes wonderful products! ..."

Oksana: "...I do really love tourmanium ceramics as it helps me with different problems and I really recommend it to every one..."

Rocio:​ "...I gonna tell you about my visit to the International Hospital of Colombia here in Bucaramanga, while I was in Colombia few weeks ago. They congratulated me because I am using the NUGA BEST N5 bed that Maria and Sergio sold to me last year. Doctors said it is an excellent option to combine Spinal Massage, Thermo therapy, Muscle Relaxation, Stimulation of all organs of the body through the tourmanium ceramic, which also helps me with my cervical problem! THANKs to Maria and Sergio that I have made a very good investment into my life... "

Maya: "...I live in New York City and I gave up, after I used all possible ways for treatment all my conditions in the US. But today, Nuga Best Canada is giving me a REAL HOPE, I improved even after the first session I took in Calgary`s office. I was able to sleep whole night and now I can even seat...This is AMAZING!!!! I gonna stay in Canada for a month now and take all sessions every single day..."

Ebenezer: "...I am able to work and walk today due to the tremendous help I got from Nuga Best House in Airdrie after I hurt my back in 2016. My back is back to square one and I operate like a normal person again. I am so glad to have discovered NUGA BEST..."


Rosio:​ "...I`m very happy with my new Nuga Best bed as now I can do all my earning I couldnt do it before..."