Nuga Best is also certified as a medical device manufacture, it produces not just equipment that helps prevent disease and genoptette health, it is also create an unique healthy lifestyle. Regular use of Nuga Best can be of good help to restores the protective mechanisms in the body. Many places in the World used Nuga Best today officially for rehabilitation at the rehabilitation, sport and medical centers.

Nuga Best helps millions every single day. Perhaps our methods also can help you?

The important acupoints found in meridians along the spine is treated effectively! Here plays the bladder meridian a very important role in the treatment of imbalances that cause pain and other health problems.

In Nuga Best products the infrared heat comes from jade stone rollers. The heat plays a crucial role as "needles" to stimulate acupoints along the spine (acupuncture). They also give the movement power as it is known from finger pressure massage (acupressure).

Heat Therapy in some Nuga Best devices comes not only from jade, but also from a special ceramic tourmaline which emits a natural infrared heat to match with cell's own heat energies. The principles are also known from the Moxa treatments. Energies that are among others methods helps to enable and strengthen the immune system, loosen up tense muscles and increase the extensibility of collagen tissue in joints.

The special tourmanium ceramic also give Ion therapy witch is also well known for its curative powers.

The NUGA Medical Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002 and is specializing in home medical and sport appliances,  loved by people  around the  world, with the customer-oriented marketing experience, warm and friendly customer service.  

The word NUGA – “nougat” in Korean means – Luca. The Holy Apostle Luke the Evangelist - a close associate of the apostle Paul, he was a doctor, therefore you can say "Nougat Best" is "The best therapist".

NUGA BEST is committed to practice the spirit of heath, love and service, bringing health contribution service to through its Best House Centers located in 65 countries around the Globe. Focusing on developing value-oriented products and services for customer satisfaction, the company has created customized health care culture service for the 21st century. High-quality service involving a range of different type of devices and health care education through our internationally distributed Best House Centers has made us the market leader.

NUGA BEST has a remarkably stable sales network structure around the world with over 3,500 centers World-Wide. Initially introduced to China and Russia, we have now branched out to 65 countries including the US, UK, Germany, India, France, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Philippines and Malaysia. Now we have our first Nuga Best Center in Canada!

The mission and final goal of NUGA BEST is to have all people around the world to be healthy.

Our devices are combined and based on traditional use of oriental medicine and western style of chiropractic.

Traditional Oriental medicine has been practiced in Asia for over 5,000 years and has a great experience.

As the world becomes smaller, we begin in the West to understand more of these "alternative" methods. The combination of oriental medicine with western can provide better cures and results. Traditional Oriental medicine works to restore organ functions in the body. Health is maintained or restored by bringing the bodily functions of balance and activation, and increasing the body's natural immune system.

- Acupressure - Acupuncture - Osteopathy - Reflexology - Deep infrared heat therapy - Chiropractic - Massage - Ion Therapy - TENS (electrical nerve stimulation) - there are all combined in the same unit.

Up to 70 ° C warm jade stones

Focus at the central nervous system

Work with the spine, central nervous system and the meridians important acupoints along the spine. The treatment is a combination of acupressure and heat therapy that activates the immune system and increases blood circulation. Added to this is construction and rollers designed to stretch the spine out, it helps to put the vertebrae in place, giving room for any crushed nerves, as known from the principles of western chiropractic. Together, this reinforces the person's own body functions and movement. And not least gives relief to pain in the back, loin, leg, etc.