‚ÄčAbsolutely unique, highly powerful and quite rare medical machine employing standard chemical, physical, and biological principles for repairing human body and curing the following:

1. any sort of diseases in Bone-Muscle System such as
                                     - Osteochondrosis
                                     - Herniated disks
                                     - Osteoporosis
                                     - Arthritis and arthrosis

2. any sort of diseases in Cardio-Vascular System, Gastrointestinal Tract and Respiratory System, such as
                                     - Hypertonic disease
                                     - Cardiac ischemia
                                     - Atherosclerosis
                                     - Chronic bronchitis
                                     - Chronic gastritis
                                     - Chronic doudonit      etc...
It uses 2-6 micron Infrared Radiation Therapy for pain removing, inner organs and muscle training as well as cardio blood supporting.

Therefore this device is substituting the following best doctors you can ever find and afford: 
                                     - Traumatologist orthopedist
                                     - Therapist
                                     - Anesthetist
                                     - Electrophysiologist
                                     - Exercise therapy doctor 

1. Kinetic energy recovery system for skeleton NM-7000