Dear Friends,

We work for people, not for the pharmaceutical company or doctors! We understand that medical and health system set in the way to make billions dollars annually out of our personal pockets. We want to show that there is a different way exists and you can become healthy person even if you are 50+ and got tons of medical issues. We do not get younger, we are getting older and with the age problems come in and will constantly grow.

We do not work for doctors, we do not promise miracles that will cure your problem next day and you will stop taking your pain meds and will not go to a surgery. We are exactly like you and know if neurosurgeon will cut your body then there is no way that your body would be assembled back to the same way as it was before, so you might get disabled. Ask your doctors if they will try to avoid surgery they offer to you... ask as many questions as you need.... We are all want to avoid surgery and be healthy. They also come in to us, ask for exact help as you do.

All our products designed and work strictly according to the normal physic, chemistry and biology principles.

You must understand, whatever we say it based only on the real life experience from people like you sharing their experience about use of our products. Based on the 16th years being in business, we created a database, so we know exactly how it works and what you must expect from our products. All our dealers came out from people like you, who were suffering from different spinal problems and who use our products daily 24/7/365, and now they are absolutely healthy, We want you to be like us, healthy and full of energy. Your immune system will respond any threats including cancer. 

We want to show you that besides of spending your hard earned money on medicine or going on the surgeon table you have other option, which will help you way better! 

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Sergey Semenov

CEO, Nuga Best Americas.

Andrei Kravtchenko East Sales, Vitaly Makarov Chairman, Sergey Semyonov CEO

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