What is the process for becoming a dealer? 
- Send us an Inquiry stating you want to be our dealer. Then our Dealer Development Specialists will contact you shortly.

What are the requirements/initial costs to become a dealer? 
- Your Dealer Development Specialist will walk you through initial start-up costs. These costs vary based on the product lines desired.

Can I carry other brands? 
- No.

What options can you offer?

- We can offer 2 choices:

a - become a dealer. You will be required to open at least 1 showroom and deal with 150+ people a day. Initial investment into products only would be aprox. about $25-30K+. You might get return about 30-50% annually. You will buy products by special dealers price. Full time job. There are Benefits and Obligations.

b - become a representative. You will be required to get at least: N5, E5, Nm55, Nm2500, Nm80, Nm30, SES50 in order to show it to people. You will earn 10% discount on each sale you involved with. You will buy products at full price. This is great to people who just want to make an extra cash while using it to own benefits and who can do networking.

​Can I invest into your company, but I don't want to do much by myself?

- yes, we can offer a really good return on invested money, way more then any other businesses or financial institutions can do.

                                                    Why to become a dealer of NUGA BEST: 

1. We are the largest and fastest growing company in the Sport and Wellness Technology Industry in the World.
2. We have wide dealerships chain all over the World improving the well-being of millions of individuals every single day. 
3. Quality of NUGA BEST products is proved by numerous internationally recognised certification authorities. 
4. We provide continuous training, seminars, and advertising support. 
5. Attractive and successful business structure.
6. Business with a great mission to help improve people lives.